In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

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dc.title In Cold Blood
dc.creator Capote, Truman, 1925-1984
dc.subject Mass murder; Trials (Murder); True crime stories LCSH
dc.description This book tells the story of both the victims and the murderers involved in the killing
of a family at a Kansas farmhouse in 1959.
dc.publisher Vintage International 02-01-1994 W3CDTF
dc.type Text DCMIType
dc.format Paperback book, 343 pages, 5.2 x 0.7 x 8 in.
dc.identifier ISBN-13 978-0679745587
dc.language en-US RFC4646
dc.relation In Cold Blood by Truman Capote; originally published by Random House, New York:
September 25, 1965
dc.rights Truman Capote

For this true crime book, Truman Capote interviewed local residents, case investigators, and the killers themselves in order to tell the full story of the 1959 murder of an entire family. This book is most commonly banned from schools due to the violence, although some people are also concerned about the profanity and references to sex.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov


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dc.title Lolita
dc.creator Nabokov, Vladimir, 1869-1922
dc.subject Pedophilia LCSH
dc.description A middle-aged professor becomes sexually obsessed with a twelve-year-old girl.
dc.publisher Vintage International
dc.contributor Vladimir Nabokov 03-13-1989 W3CDTF
dc.type Text DCMIType
dc.format Softcover book, 317 pages, 5.1 x 0.7 x 7.9 in.
dc.identifier ISBN-13 978-0679723165
dc.language en-US RFC4646
dc.relation Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov; originally published by Olympia Press, Paris: 1955
dc.coverage 1955-1989
dc.rights All rights reserved


Lolita is the story of Humbert Humbert, a middle-aged professor of literature who becomes lustfully obsessed with twelve-year-old Dolores Haze, eventually marrying her mother and becoming her stepfather. Nabokov’s novel, written in English and published in Paris in 1955, was later banned in France until 1958 for being “a dangerous book” (Cornell University Library). It was also banned in England, Australia, Burma, Belgium, and Austria.

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